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The world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats is a must-visit for any visitor to Utah. This location provides stunning views and incredible opportunities in photo ops that you won’t find anywhere else! If your travels bring you across these great salt desert flats, we’ve got all the insider info on what makes it such an awesome spot so take time out of your day (or night)to explore our blog post below before heading off into The Great Beyond…

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With its beautiful scenery and unique Salt Lake City setting, it’s no wonder that The Bonneville Salt Flats have quickly become a favorite location for elopements. Whether you are looking to tie the knot with your sweetheart or just want an unforgettable photo session as part of your big day.

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utah wedding photographer salt flats

When should you visit the salt flats of Utah?

The best time to go is during winter when it’s not too hot and there are only a few pieces at most because they melt easily into puddles. You can also drive up from Las Vegas or down through Colorado which will take about 3 hours depending on how fast you’re going – but remember that this affects your gas prices as well!


salt flats utah wedding photographer

Visiting the Salt Flats is an experience like no other. Whether it be during a time of flooding or drought, there’s always something new to see! You can visit year-round but if you want dry ground with hard salt that reflects light in September through November then go for your mini vacation right now because this place never disappoints.”

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salt lake wedding photographer

What you need to Know About the Actual Salt

My favorite part about the salt flats is getting to take home a photo of my shoes after I visit. The only problem? Well, if you don’t have another pair or two trash bags handy because walking across them in flip-flops will be painful on your feet! You might want to wear something more practical than high heels for this adventure–especially since there’s usually water everywhere making everything stick together nicely…like glass shards from an accident (which happens quite often).

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I’m excited about the opportunity to be your Utah wedding photographer and capture this special moment in time.   A romantic bridal or engagement session at Salt flats would make an amazing memory, don’t you think?

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