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Stoian Katinov

Katinov Photography is a Provo, Utah wedding photography and videography company specializing in capturing your wedding day’s essence on film. Our team brings creativity, professionalism, and customer service to every event we shoot. With 10+ years of experience and an affordable price point. Katinov Photography will bring fulfillment of your dreams to a visual record through our clear, sharp, and well-exposed photos. Our style is candid, natural, and fanciful. We use only the best gear to create images that will last forever – it’s our mission to make sure your photos turn out like you always imagined them to be!

              Hi! I’m Stoyan Katinov. Utah Wedding Photographer and lover of life. I was born in Bulgaria, but have been living in Utah for over 6 years now. In the last 10 years, my specialty has been photographing weddings because nothing beats a good old-fashioned wedding for telling compelling stories through beautiful images. Your big day gives me jitters just thinking about all that raw emotion on display from every guest as they watch one couple celebrate their love before them wholeheartedly. 

        Yes, bridal prep can be stressful but having someone take care makes everything go much smoother right? So don’t stress too much: we’re here ready with our cameras at hand when needed.

My work is more than just taking pretty pictures; it’s about telling stories with every frame. Thank you for considering me as your photographer! 

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Stoyan Katinov Utah Wedding Photographer
My hope and my Mission

 “Love is a beautiful thing and I want to be there for you through the good times, as well as bad. My business isn’t about pictures; it’s all about people: weddings are just one step in relationships that will last forever! I’m excited because every wedding has its own story”

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