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What are first looks and why do Utah wedding photographers include them in their packages?

As a bride or groom, you may have heard the term “first look” while researching wedding photography options. This trend has become increasingly popular, and many wedding photographers now include them in their packages. But what are first looks, and why are they so important?

Many of my couples ask me whether or not they should have a first look. You may be wondering the same thing if you’re reading this article. In my professional opinion, they are an excellent idea. I love first looks. I know that they are a tad bit ‘untraditional,’ but let me explain the benefits of a first look.

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Benefits of First Looks for the Couple

While first looks can greatly benefit the photographer, it’s important to note that they also provide several benefits for the couple.

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Time to Connect and Calm Nerves

Wedding days can be stressful and nerve-wracking, and seeing your partner before the ceremony can provide a sense of calm and comfort. It also allows for a private moment between the couple to connect and share their emotions before the day’s chaos begins.

No getting around it. You have so much to do and so little time to do. If you have a first look, it helps to calm down the day a bit. Instead of trying to rush around to get everyone together and have pictures taken between the wedding ceremony and reception while your guests are waiting, you’ll have time to relax and enjoy your guests without worrying about being late for your reception.

A first look also gives you a very special, intimate moment with your new spouse. If you are nervous or stressed out, this will help relax you, and your spouse can comfort you and let you know it will all be OK. During the ceremony, there are many people around, and you can’t fully take it at the moment because everyone is staring at you. With a first look, that moment is just between you and your spouse (and your photographers, of course).

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More Time for Photos

Including first looks in a wedding, package allows for more time to take pictures, resulting in a greater variety of shots. This can be especially beneficial for couples who value capturing beautiful and memorable photos of their special day.

We can do all of the main portraits before the ceremony even begins – at the very least, the bride and groom and bridal party photos. This way, your hair and makeup are still perfect, as they were just finished. Of course, if your family is coming earlier, we can also do their photos beforehand, or we will only have to worry about those portraits after the ceremony and not the bridal party shots.

Keeps Schedule on Track

Including a first look in the schedule can help keep things on track for the rest of the day. In addition, it allows for more flexibility in the timeline, which can be especially important if there are any delays or unexpected changes throughout the day.

Benefits of First Looks for the Photographer

As mentioned earlier, first looks can greatly benefit the photographer.

More Time for Photos

Including a first look in the schedule allows for more time for photos, which can result in more creative and unique shots. This is especially important for photographers who want to showcase their skills and create stunning Provo Utah pictures for their clients.

Able to Get More Creative

Photographers can get more creative with their shots with the extra time provided by including a first look. They have more time to explore different angles, lighting, and locations, resulting in more diverse and visually appealing photos.

Less Pressure During Ceremony

Photographers can feel less pressure during the ceremony by capturing some of the important shots before the ceremony. This can result in more natural and relaxed photos, as they are not trying to capture every moment during the ceremony.

Tips for a Successful First Look

While first looks can be an incredible addition to a wedding day, there are some tips to keep in mind to ensure that the moment is successful.


Choosing the right location for the first look is crucial. It should be a private and intimate setting that allows the couple to connect and share their emotions. Consider using a location with beautiful scenery or sentimental value.


Timing is also important when it comes to the first look. It should be scheduled far enough in advance so that the couple has time to prepare and relax, but not too early that the excitement and emotion have worn off by the time the ceremony begins.


Lighting is another crucial factor in capturing stunning photos during the first look. Choose a location with soft, natural lighting that will flatter the couple and create a romantic atmosphere.


Including a first look in a wedding package can provide several benefits for both the couple and the photographer. It allows for more time for photos and creative opportunities and can help keep the schedule on track. But more importantly, it provides an intimate moment between the couple before the chaos of the day begins.

If you’re considering including a first look in your wedding photography package, be sure to communicate with your photographer to ensure a successful and meaningful moment.

No, not all wedding photographers include first looks in their packages, but it’s becoming increasingly popular as couples value the benefits of including it.

It’s ultimately up to the couple to decide if they want to include a first look or not. Some couples prefer to save the moment for the ceremony, while others enjoy the benefits of including it in the schedule.

Not necessarily. The excitement and emotion of the ceremony are still very much present, even if the couple has already seen each other.

It’s important to have a backup plan in case of bad weather. Consider choosing a location with indoor options to take Provo Utah pictures or rescheduling the first look to a different time during the day.

No, a first look can be beneficial for any couple, regardless of their superstitions. It provides an intimate moment between the couple and allows for more time for photos.

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