Сватбен фотограф Пазарджик

Stoyan Katinov - Born in a Bulgaria and father to a wonderful daughter.

When I was 13, I found my passion for photography with my first manual film camera, back when everything was very different. Throughout the years, I have grown with the changes in the industry and even studied photography in school to keep myself up to date with technology and its vast opportunities.

I have shot graduates, families, kids, wedding portraits and many different people and their life events. I love the natural look and emotion captured when photographing children and their families. Portraits are my passion, to capture the light in a person's eye.

Nothing has ever been so challenging yet so exhilarating as photographing a wedding. As I've shot weddings, I've learned to recognize what beautiful stories are being played out, right in front of my eyes. A wedding photographer needs to be the master of the camera and nearly all photography disciplines. A photographer must be vigilant and able to execute each skill consecutively so as to not miss those perfect shots. Weddings will produce opportunities for portraits, close ups, macros, still life, photojournalism, action shots and so much more. Weddings are history made in real life.

hrough my photos I want to capture the best qualities of my subjects and tell their beautifully unique story. Everyone has their own story. Although, now that most people can capture images on their phones and are capable of telling their own stories, I am so grateful and happy to be a part of that. I love it when I get to capture even just a few moments of their lives and see their reactions and their happiness in my perspective of their stories.

I want to show everyone the best, most beautiful parts of themselves and their stories.